Environmental Integrity

Wilma learned at an early age that everything is connected: water, plants, animals, humans, the planets and the stars.  She advanced environmental thinking by proposing in 1955 that environmental sensitivity encourages economic development. We feature and support ideas, individuals, and organizations that act with environmental integrity.
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As vast as climate change, as personal as a child with asthma
"Tell us what Environmental Justice means to you."
Environmental Integrity
Integrity means that your actions match your values. Environmental Integrity means that your actions with regard to the environment match your felt or expressed priorities and values with regard to the environment.  For most of us in 21st century North America, Environmental Integrity is a high bar to achieve.  For example, the United States has contributed over a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.  How can we not be hypocritical going forward? What is our responsibility to our community, to our country, to future generations on this planet?  Perhaps we should start by recognizing that human beings are part of the environment.
Important aspects of Environmental Integrity:
  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental education
  • Energy policy
  • Land use planning
  • Watershed management
  • Treatment of animals
  • Species preservation
  • Ecological imperatives
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