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Moby Dick - Chapter Four

Read by Rick Kisner

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Author: Herman Melville

Chapter Four: The Counterpane

Read by: Rick Kisner


Herman Melville (1819-1891) began writing Moby Dick in 1850. It was published in England and the United States in 1851, but did not sell well.  Despite most of its action occurring at sea, this book may be the closest thing we have to the Great American Novel.

Thanks to the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, which provides over 5,500 audio files of K-12 literature to schools worldwide through its Lit2Go collection (https://etc.usf.edu/lit2go), we can listen to this marvelous story.

In Chapter Four, Ishmael wakes in his bed at the Spouter Inn with Queequeg’s arm draped over him.  Later, he observes Queequeg’s morning toilette. 1


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